About Roko’s Blueberries

Roko loves his blueberries the most because they are the bluest and the healthiest. Original seedlings arrived to Croatia from North America ten years ago and found their home with the Viretum family at the Dvoranci Plantation. Roko takes care of his blueberries all year round, especially from April to June, when they are in bloom, and from June to July, when they are in season. He carefully hand-picks and packages each bombastic berry to be delivered fresh, from the plantation straight to the table. They say he is fast and he’s never late! Roko even received the GLOBALG.A.P. worldwide quality certificate for the production of his blueberries because his berries are simply the best. Roko’s Blueberries are a part of the Viretum family and Roko will do anything for them.  

About the Plantation

Roko’s Blueberries happily grow near Zagreb, at the Dvoranci Plantation in the Pisarovina County. The plantation covers 8.6 acres and contains about 5,500 plants. Each plant is handled with a lot of love and care. They are protected with nets from bad weather, strong winds and birds. An automatized irrigation system with sprinklers from a near-by lake brings enough water and moisture for each plant. In order to grow even happier and juicier blueberries, the plantation is equipped with new machines, coolers and agricultural mechanization, and the right to pick and package them is granted only to people who do it with love. If you are in the neighborhood, come and check out our blue world.



Naruci Rokove borovnice
* Ordering goods is possible thought the electronic form. The order is complete once the Buyer complete the whole order process. Once Roko receives the order, he will send an e-mail to the Buyer to confirm the order. Within 5 days of the received order the Buyer will be notified of the first possible delivery date.


Can you eat them all the time?

Well, yes and no. The blueberry season lasts only from mid-June till the beginning of August and, unfortunately, that’s the only time you can eat them fresh. But since Roko thinks of everything including the wintertime, he deepfreezes a batch and makes a jar or two of blueberry jam. This makes it a bit easier to survive the winter.

Can you eat too many?

Not really, but as with everything, you should eat blueberries in moderation, too. They say one cup a day covers the recommended daily fruit intake.

How does Roko treat his blueberries?

Only with love. But since they have arrived from afar, they need a bit of help in adjusting to our soil; Roko feeds them with minerals and the turf creates a microclimate which helps them grow.  

Do they like swimming?

They like to swim in water, but only just before you eat them, because moisture can spoil them. However, Roko never washes his blueberries; he believes in the magical properties of the blue ‘mist’ around each berry.

Where should you hide them for a longer period of time?

You can try hiding them in the fridge for a week. After that – if you really managed to hide a few berries from yourself or your kids – you will need to do a quick move to the freezer. Late blueberry types freeze the best; they are sweeter, from the long exposure to the sun, so ice can’t harm them.

How to stay clean eating them?

If you really need to be dressed while eating your blueberries, then quick reaction is key: wash out possible stains with cold water and then attack them with a mixture of vinegar and liquid detergent or water and baking soda. We heard lemon juice can help too, but Roko hasn’t had time to check that one out yet.

How to carry on after the season?

It’s not easy, but you can stay in touch with Roko and follow his blueberry news on his website, Facebook page and via newsletter. You could also always find comfort in some frozen blueberries and blueberry jam.

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Where is Roko and what is he up to?

For additional questions email Roko at info@rokoveborovnice.org